Oncology Benefit Management (Cancer Treatment)
The Scheme has contracted with Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) as the Designated Service Provider for Oncology benefits. ICON works with treatment protocols and scientifically developed and researched plans for a course of medical treatment, for the management of all forms of cancer. For your claims to be paid in full without co-payments, you will need to receive the services from an ICON provider.

All cancer-related treatment e.g. radiology, chemotherapy, oncologist, blood tests, MRI, mammograms, x-rays, CT and radioisotopes scans as well as any approved medication will be paid from the Oncology Limit.

Non-PMB services will be subject to the annual limit of your options as indicated in your Benefit Guide.

To find out if your oncologist is an ICON provider and to view a list of ICON doctors, visit www.cancernet.co.za or contact the MEDiPOS Client Service Team on 0860 100 078.

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